ARCALIS is one of the few CDMOs in the world that can provide a one-stop service for mRNA vaccines and therapeutics.

Once a client's development candidate is found, ARCALIS’s group company, Axcelead DDP, provides support for research strategy planning, and conducts and analyzes pharmacodynamic, pharmacokinetic and toxicological studies in consideration of TPP (Target Product Profile) and clinical development. This includes target molecules and applicable diseases, while supporting our clients to achieve rapid and efficient R&D and successful commercialization of mRNA therapeutics through CMC development and non-clinical test product manufacturing, investigational drug manufacturing and successful commercialization.

Service Features


※The timeline may change depending on each project.

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Benefit for Customers

  • Acquire lead mRNA/LNPs based on in vitro/vivo expression by providing target protein information.
  • Achieve a quick proof of concept (go/no-go decision) and select the right direction.
  • Intellectual property, including quality/evaluation information, belongs to clients.

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