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Jun 12, 2023

Thursday, June 15, our scientist will give a presentation on a webinar related to mRNA therapeutics, hosted by Roche Diagnostics

Today we inform you that Dr. Rena Akahori from ARCALIS will give a presentation on the Webinar related to mRNA therapeutics hosted by Roche Diagnostics.
Please refer to the URL destination for more details. It will cover a wide range of contents related to the development of mRNA-based drugs, such as an overview of the manufacturing process and a GMP manufacturing case study.

Title 【Important Decisions for mRNA Vaccines and Therapeutics Development】

Holding time: 15 June 2023    1.00pm-2:30pm UTC+ 08:00

Dr. Rena Akahori from the CMC Development Center from our company ARCALIS, ‘Initiatives for drug discovery and manufacturing of mRNA-based therapeutics and vaccines by CDMO’ (1:35~pm).

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