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Jul 7, 2023

ARCALIS Renews the Corporate Logo design

We are pleased to announce the completion of our new corporate logo design.

We, ARCALIS, are a young company that continues to embrace the excitement of the mysterious world of messenger RNA. We are a vibrant group filled with enthusiasm for creating new innovations and growing. We value creativity, daring, and innovation, and we strive to pursue new ideas and approaches without being confined by conventional thinking. A logo design has been created that embodies our spirit.

We have boldly interpreted the motif of messenger RNA, expressing the image of soaring on an updraft and generating innovation. The form, resembling both coming from space and energetically ascending towards the stars, evokes the dual nature of our business, the excitement of venturing into the unknown. The vibrant and pop-inspired color palette is designed to bring joy and conveys our commitment to breaking free from conventional thinking with innovative and original impact. The diverse colors and gradients portray movement and a sense of speed while maintaining a harmonious and beautiful visual identity.

We plan to gradually transition to the new logo for all our corporate tools going forward. The ARCALIS Minamisoma Facility is currently in its final stages of the DS plant completion in August.
Together as a team, we will continue to embrace the challenge of exploring new possibilities alongside the new logo.


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