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Jul 20, 2023

ARCALIS exhibit at the 3rd Annual mRNA-Based Therapeutics Summit

We will exhibit at the 3rd Annual mRNA-Based Therapeutics Summit.
Please visit our poster booth when you attend the summit.

[Overview of the Summit] https://mrnabased-therapeutics.com/

[Date] July 26-28, 2023

[Title] mRNA medicine development strategy as Japan’s first CRDMO Strategy for optimization of mRNA design

Akiko Yanagiya, Rena Akahori, Naoki Matsumoto, Daichi Matsuura, Tetsuo Yoshida, Jun Nihira, Kazuyuki Nakashima


ARCALIS is the first GMP compliant CRDMO for mRNA-based therapeutics in Japan, which was established in April 2021 in Kashiwanoha, Chiba, Japan. ARCALIS is a joint-venture of Axcelead (an integrated drug discovery platformer curved-out from Takeda pharmaceutical research division) and Arcturus (a unique manufacturing and process technology company for mRNA drug substance and LNP formulation. ARCALIS can provide mRNA-based therapeutics from CMC development to GMP-manufacturing seamlessly. Here, we present our capabilities for developing mRNA medicines in terms of mRNA design, quality controls such as capping efficiency, the length of poly(A) tail and a potency assay for protein production.


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